Roller and Vertical Blinds and Panels

  • INFLECTOR stops 92% of harmful UV rays
  • INFLECTOR stops 80% of Glare
  • Made from Carbon Graphite/Aluminium
  • Constructed and Designed by NASA
  • Created with a UV Barrier
  • 25 years No degradation

INFLECTOR has adapted NASA Technology to provide the best Window Treatments with our Roller and Vertical Blinds, and Framed Panels.

Roller Blinds

Reversible for Summer and Winter

Vertical Blinds

Blocks up to 92% of Harmful UV Rays

Framed Panels

A Retrofit Double-Glazing Alternative

Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, and Framed Panels Ready Made in NZ

Protect YOUR Home from harmful UV rays in Summer, and Capture the Energy of the SUN to Warm YOUR Home in Winter.

Vertical Blinds by INFLECTOR NZ

INFLECTOR Blinds, roller & vertical, and panels are an interior window attachment product that can make windows significantly more energy efficient, without spoiling your view.

INFLECTOR Blinds, roller & vertical, and panels, are transparent allowing you to see through them when closed during the day, allowing you to maintain the lovely views from your home, or business.

They deal with all the inefficiencies of windows (solar and radiant gain, infiltration, and thermal heat gain or loss to name a few), and can immediately make any window much more energy efficient than a brand new replacement window.

INFLECTOR Blinds, roller, vertical and/or panels are also reversible to become a passive solar collector that can bring in significant free heat on a cold but sunny day.

The Benefits

  • Protects from sun in summer
  • Keeps heat in, in winter
  • Retain your views
  • Flexible installation solutions
  • Easily reversible
  • Ongoing Energy Savings

The revolutionary Energy Saving properties of INFLECTOR products, are gaining worldwide success.

Eliminate the need for other Window Treatments when you fit INFLECTOR Roller and Vertical Blinds and Panels

Retain Heat in Winter and Reduce  Heat in Summer with INFLECTOR Blinds, Roller & Vertical, and Framed Panels

Gain Control of YOUR Climate while maintaining YOUR View

Gaining control of your indoor climate is by far the greatest advantage that the INFLECTOR products provide, whether it be the roller and vertical blinds, or in framed panels, or a combination of all three. No matter what current window system you have whether it be single or double glazed windows, the increase in energy efficiency, and usability of your home or business will be hugely increased. No other product available on the market, blinds or retofit double glazing can perform to the level that the INFLECTOR products do.Roller Blinds in Office

The sun provides an enormous amount of energy which we need protection from the heat, in summer, however in winter we want to able to utilise this huge source for heating. The unique material that the INFLECTOR products are made out of enables us to do this by simply reversing the blinds, or panels to either reflect the heat out of the home or office, in summer, reducing the cost of cooling your home or office, and retain the heat that is in the home or office in winter. The unique properties of the INFLECTOR material, black on the back, and reflective silver on the front, allows it to capture the solar rays from the sun as a heater to transfer that heat into your home and office in the winter, which again substantially reduces your heating costs.

Before Inflector Roller Blinds

After Inflector Blinds

After Inflector Roller Blinds

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Using INFLECTOR Panels for Window Treatments are an Effective Alternative to Retrofit Double Glazing

More Savings and More Comfort than Replacement Windows or Window Treatments

Double Glazing Perfomance

The use of INFLECTOR panels for window treatments, is a genuine alternative to retrofit double glazing. Installing the INFLECTOR panels creates a still air barrier reducing heat from transferring from the hot side to the cold side.
When it comes to your windows and doors, the INFLECTOR panels, in combination with roller and vertical blinds, will provide you with  the greatest savings poSingle Glazing + INFLECTOR Performancessible in these areas.

When you retrofit double glazing the maximum result you can get is to double the performance of a standard single glazed window.

When using an INFLECTOR panel, or roller and vertical blinds, you can achieve more than twice the performance you will gain by retrofit double glazing.

Using INFLECTOR Panels, and Roller & Vertical Blinds, as a Retrofit Double Glazing Alternative will give you more than twice the performance of installing standard RetroFit Double Glazing.

Gain Control of the Comfort of YOUR Home, Protect from Harmful UV Rays in Summer and Collect the Warmth in Winter, by installing INFLECTOR Roller and Vertical Blinds, and Panels.

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